Police Ridealong

On Friday evening I went on a ridealong with the police, Division 3, City of Waterloo.

At first the evening was very slow. The officer checked license plates of passing cars (did you know they can do that? I didn’t.) to see if any violations came up on his computer.

Incoming calls come in by email and some chatter by radio, but most of the work is done by computer. We need to upgrade the technology to hands free!

Small stuff — checking on a family where the mother had cut herself badly with a broken glass bowl. This is part of the three services response code. She had already been taken away by ambulance.  Part of this is to check for domestic violence (Not at that house or there would have already been a code by ambulance)

Another, warning a guy who left without paying for his gas an hour earlier. Lived in a nice neighbourhood too. Said he would pay up in a half hour. (Yeah or be charged)

Noise complaints now handled by by-law

Checked on two boys walking along with full backpacks at 10 p.m.  They had just finished a paper route, probably Pennysaver.

Two alarms both turned out to be false but officier said they can be nothing or nasty.

Officers have a lot of paperwork

Picked up a homeless woman sleeping by the Public Library. Out of the Cold had ended for the season the night before. Took her to Mary’s Place.  No drugs, no alcohol, evicted a couple of months ago and sleeping at Out of the Cold. A good candidate for the type of people that will be in the new SHOW apartments on Erb St.


11:30 went out with the sargeant and things picked up. Lots of calls coming in over the computer.

A girl kicking other residents and staff at a group home. Throwing extinquishers. Amazing how the police can calm people down but she still had to be watched. Grabbed something from the table and made to sit down again in a corner. Arrested. So much anger in such a young girl.

Domestic — Several police there. Not straightforward, a complicated case but police very professional in taking everyone’s story.


Police drive around alone in the car but back up always there for a serious call.


95 percent of the calls seem to involve alcohol.

Thank you Waterloo police for a very interesting night! You are so professional.


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