New Mall in Waterloo

Went to a public meeting by the developers of a new mall on Ira Needles Boulevard and University (approx)

I was very pleased to see a design that resembles some of the malls I saw in Portland and Whistler. The buildings are around the edge with the car park inside. The cars are separated by trees and planters.

It is very easy for pedestrians to enter the mall by walkways from the sidewalk instead of trying to walk through the parking lot wasteland of a traditional mall. There will be outdoor cafes and a fountain in the middle.

Access to transit right from the get go.

Residents pleased at possibilites for teen-ager jobs. Liked idea of a movie theatre and Loews.

Only difficulties that came up,  people are leery walking across the roundabout to get to the mall. (You just have to meet the eyes of the drivers and they will stop as they must yield to pedestrians. )

Concerns about Thorndale open to Ira Needles, traffic on University pass the high school, illumination on Ira Needles for pedestrians.

And, of course, possible landfill odours as mentioned below.


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