Answers to Questions, 2.

Time between trains? 7.5 minutes.
Why are the costs for light rail more expensive than bus rapid transit?
With light rail, we have to build the tracks and the cement bed. We don’t want any utilities underneath it so they will have to be moved (I know from other projects this can be expensive!), electrification substations and finally an underground tunnel will be built at Victoria and King in Kitchener to go under the regular train tracks. Should there be a multi-model station there in the future (that means Via-rail, intercity buses, LRT and buses, car park) this would be an underground stop.
Light Rail Vehicles cost 4.5 million but last 15 to 25 years
Buses are half that price but only last 10 to 12 years.
While the operating costs of rail is high in the beginning in the long run it is cheaper because there is one driver to many cars while buses have one driver per bus. Also fuel costs for diesel will rise again and light rail is electric. The electric can be changed to sustainable sources as is done in Calgary.


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