Answers to questions 3

Isn’t LRT only in cities of over one million?
I’ve been researching this.
People have been using present day population figures.
Some cities.
Portland started in 1979, 382.619 population.
Depopulated downtown that is now intensified (lots of commercial, residential, etc)
Toronto subway, start in 1946, population, 675,754 in 1951 when first subway started.
Edmonton, 1974, population 445,000
The lowest number I have found so far is Hartford with 124,512, but Hartford County is 857,183.
Waterloo Region isn’t compact enough or have enough commuters for LRT.
I have ridden the number 7 main line at 2 in the afternoon on a week day and had to stand it was so packed. Not all of them were students. There are enough people.
See above, depopulated Portland. Phoenix Arizona just started LRT, very spread out and low density yet ridership above projections. (actually in all cities, ridership above projections.)


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