Roads versus Transit.

Quote from the Record’s editorial on Saturday,

“Critics also charge that the $790-million price tag to build a light-rail line in Waterloo and Kitchener and a rapid bus system in Cambridge is too steep. But they should consider the stunning ongoing costs of the car. The regional government alone will spend $850 million on road construction and reconstruction in the next decade. The province, cities and townships will together spend hundreds of millions more on local roads and highways in the same 10 years.This week, governments agreed to spend $70 million to widen a four-kilometre stretch of Highway 8 in Kitchener.

Meanwhile, building a new Highway 7 between Kitchener and Guelph will cost hundreds of millions when it finally proceeds. Add up all the millions we spend on roads year after year in this region and, far from being exorbitant, light rail is an economical option. It should, in time help us control the road bills and give us all a more efficient, cost-effective way of transporting people.”

And don’t forget my previous comments that doing nothing will lead to 100 more lanes of road in the region, 12 lane Fischer Hallman, etc. Unbuildable.


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