Bus to the St. Jacob's Market

When I drive up to the St. Jacob’s Market, it’s a zoo. No place to park. Have to go round and round, even following people who might be leaving to get a spot. Kind of defeats the whole local food thing.
So Saturday morning I gathered up my shopping trolley and took the bus. Number 9 to Conestoga Mall then the number 21 to the market.
It was great. I had time to run into the bank to get some money, saving a dollar fifty at the market ATM.
The bus was full, some people standing.
The woman beside me told me all about her birthday and her grown sons, the good one and the bad one. Reminded me of the Stone Angel by Margaret Laurence.
I filled up my bag, it was heavy to wheel around but I use it when I take the car too. But it was so nice to not have to sit in the traffic and I didn’t have to worry about a parking spot, just got off and on the bus.
There is also a tourist train to the market which is fun.


2 responses to “Bus to the St. Jacob's Market

  1. Yes The shelters are a problem, even when there are some. I waited in the shade under the tree. I’ve found the new shelters hot in the summer and not shady. I’ll pass this onto staff, but this is one I don’t seem to get fixed, they like the new shelters. Look modern I guess.

  2. I’ve ridden the bus to St. Jacobs a couple of times, and I am really glad we have service there. But I do wish the frequency were better — I missed my return bus and had to wait more than half an hour in the hot sun with my groceries. There is no shelter at the market stop, and only a single bench that didn’t accommodate all the people waiting. I’d love to see 20-minute or better service, a shaded waiting area, and more seating.

    Or, perhaps, a heritage trolley running on the spurline. (But improved bus service would be a very good start.)

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