What was that boom?

During the storm on Sunday, we heard a rhythmic booming sound. Looked out the back window towards Elmira and every time the clouds lit up with lightning, we heard the boom.  I emailed Sargeant Mazurek to ask if they had investigated but his mail came back that he was off duty. By Monday AM, I wrote to him to forget it, just put it down to weird weather.

Thanks CTV, channel 12! They investigated it. I wasn’t the only one finding it weird. (Hearing it during watching Defying Gravity didn’t help. )

Turns out the booms are from Martin’s Apple Farm. He has a large cone contraption that sends out a distortion wave to stop hail from destroying his apples.

A prof at UW said it wouldn’t work, but Martin says they have only had hail damage once in 10 years after getting the “horn”  That hail came down when they were away and the horn wasn’t put on.


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