New Waterloo Region Museum is Incredible

Glass Quilt. Photo taken Jan 29, 2010. Each colour represents hexadecimal letters and spells out a quote from Wilfrid Laurier.

Took a tour of the new museum on Friday. Usually you see the architect’s drawings and in this case, fly-through and the real building is never expected to live up to the vision. In this case, the building exceeds the vision.

As we approached the building, you can see the glass quilt from blocks away, the vision of an iconic building fulfilled.
Inside, work is still going on, but the natural stone, reclaimed wood and views through the floor to ceiling windows are incredible. The village is easy to see and the train really does appear on the other side of its shadow box window as if it is going down the railway tracks inside the lobby.
Go to the second floor and look down at the entrance. There is the real Huron Road heading up a hill  and framed in the window.  The lobby with catering facilities will be busy with weddings and corporate events I am sure. People are already phoning about weddings.
The Doon Heritage Village (I like the new name) has been spruced up and you can see it and the natural environment through the many windows. The temporary exhibit space is huge. Hazel is in place. The hug wheel unfortunately can’t turn due to problems with oil drops ending up on other displays. Would have loved that. But even under wraps it looks great.
To top it all off, the museum is on time and on budget. I am so proud to be on the committee that worked on this museum.

2 responses to “New Waterloo Region Museum is Incredible

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  2. Interesting information on the meaning of the coloured squares. I can hardly wait to see the interior of this building.

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