On the go with GO

Took the new GO bus down to Canada Blooms last Friday. It took a bit of work figuring things out.

First, Greyhound has reduced their route, they don’t go every hour from Kitchener anymore. And they are more expensive than GO. VIA train also more expensive and not many good times.

We wanted to take the number 9 and/or Iexpress to the GO stop at the Davis Centre in Waterloo. But the routes don’t align in the early morning. The GO would be gone when we got there. So I have contacted staff and they are looking into it. We took a taxi to the GO stop instead.

We took the 6:30 p.m. GO bus to Square One Mississauga, got there around 8:15 am then took a bus to Union Station at 8:45 am. and got to Union around 9:45 am.  You can also take a 5:55 am and get to Union station at 8:30 am, but no GRT that early in the morning, the Ixpress gets to the stop 5 to 8 minutes after the GO bus leaves.

  Saw double decker buses taking students to York University. Also the buses where two coaches are together with an accordian like thing between them. (Reticulated buses?) Seemed like  interesting ideas but my Twitter followers and staff in the past have given them thumbs down due to maintenance.

On arriving, walked to the conference centre and found that Canada Blooms had moved to the Energy Building at the CNE!  It was the Sportsmen show. Apparently, guns can’t be on city property so the Sportmen are in the conference centre as it is Provinically owned.  We watched the McCann dogs do their tricks then took a trolley to the CNE grounds.

Interesting part of the trolleys, at one point they were on a dedicated lane, very low to the ground, that would be sort of like the dedicated lanes proposed for LRT. It was easy for car traffic to cross the dedicated lane at an intersection and the trolleys got preferential lights.

Came back on the GO bus, went quite quickly.  Talked to the driver and she said that the Waterloo route is doing a pretty good business, so it seems GO is here to stay!


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