401 and 400 Service Centres get $300 million upgrade

When we drove along the 401 to the cottage last August, we noticed that some of the service centre buildings were gone. This caused my family some concern as in the beginning of the Harris years, the roadside parks at each center were closed.

We use the parks rather than the service centres as we have a dog and he can do his business and get out for a brief walk when we stop at the park. Also we like to bring our own food with us rather than eat the service centre food. Fortunately the parks were opened again before Harris left office.

An article in the Record this morning notes that the service centres are being rebuilt by the province and Host Kilmer with Canadian Tire (and Canadian Tire money) running the gas pumps. The service centre will have such restaurants as Tim Hortons (ya think?), East Side Mario’s Pizza Pizza, and other of the usual food court chains. A fine food market, Pusateri’s will also be available which sounds like a good idea for those of us not using the food chains.

The buildings will be LEEDS silver. There will be water-efficient landscaping and environment friendly facilities. I hope one of the facilities will continue to be the parks!


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