Shoppers Drug leave me Alone When I Pick up my Drugs

I have been picking up a few prescriptions lately as well as asking the pharmacist for a good pain med for my teeth problems (Now on the mend).

I am really irritated that everytime I drop by, the pharmacist or now the pharmacy student (And our sister city put in big bucks to help build her school) are wanting me to sign a petition against the lowering of generic drug fees or giving me their postcard to send to my MPP.

I said to them I don’t want to talk about it because I like my pharmacist and the pharmacy students. But they got me again just a few minutes ago. So I said politely that Shoppers Drug can use their big profits to pay for the people to give us advice (which pharmacists are supposed to do professionally) or to have 24 hour Shoppers (Which truly benefits them).

Why should we be paying a “stocking fee” that generic drug companies pay to Shoppers so their drugs will be stocked. This happens all the time in Supermarkets, Department Stores, etc. and who pays in the end. Us! 

Here is the provincial government trying to lower medical costs for the taxpayer and the average person whether with an insurance policy or not. BTW, where are the Insurance companies on this? They should be coming down on the side of saving money on prescriptions. Haven’t heard a peep out of them.

As a customer I resent being made uncomfortable or being given the Shoppers propaganda when I am getting drugs for my health and frankly, recently, for pain and infection!

No wonder my blood pressure is up!!!


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