Smart on Crime

We’ve all heard “Tough on Crime” and “Soft on Crime”, politicians crow about the first and throw the second at their opponents, particularly at the provincial and federal levels. There’s a better expression, “Smart on Crime”

The Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council wants you to tell them what “Smart on Crime” means. I wrote, “Smart on Crime means making prevention a priority.”  Here’s some other thoughts from other people who answered their small survey,

  • connecting what’s right with what works ~ Christine Bird, Alliance for Children & Youth of Waterloo Region
  • focus on prevention, not just criminal justice
  • fostering trust and belonging ~ Lisa Armstrong, Waterloo
  • evidence based public policy, not blind ideology
  • impact, not react ~ Sharon Charbonneau, Waterloo
  • challenging basic assumptions and proposing unconventionsl alternatives ~ Emily Schacht, Waterloo
  • providing community supports, not incarceration ~ Reg Weber, City of Cambridge
  • creating alternative opportunities
  • investing in children and youth ~ ZS Worotynec
  • building community ~ Trent, Kitchener
  • making decisions using quality evidence based research ~ Wayne Morris, Conestoga College
  • providing community supports, not mandatory minimum sentences ~ Reg Weber, City of Cambridge
  • knowing the difference between fact and fiction ~ ROOF
  • educating ourselves and our children ~ Carolyn Bickers, Region of Waterloo
  • getting to know your neighbours
  • You can add your thoughts here

    If you get Rogers Cable 20, The WRCPC is hosting a program about different aspects of crime. the last program, So What, Now What? is June 30th at 9 p.m.


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