Doing what You Want to Your Property. A Thorny Issue (Sometimes literally!)

There’s been a number of issues in the media recently about disputes between neighbours and individuals (including corporations). One was a property in an old neighbourhood of Waterloo where the trees were removed on a property for a parking lot and the neighbours objected to losing shade. I have also given advice to a constituent on the opposite problem where a neighbour objected to her tree dropping leaves on the neighbour’s property and wanted the tree cut down. 

Some of these reports have led to a rash of letters and a facebook discussion about the rights of individuals to do what they want to their property. Oh what a thorny topic that is!  The City of Waterloo has by-laws and a mediation service. Ask the neighbours in the student area if landlords should have the right to do what they want to their property!

 In my opinon, the  major role of municipal government is finding the balance between the needs of the individual (including the corporate individual) and the needs of the neighbours and community.


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