300 million for Rapid Transit!

The province has given 300 million for rapid transit.

 Three things to remember as the Record notes the possible shortfall from the province.
1. I am sure staff is busy looking at plans and alternatives for council.
2. The feds have to put their amount in.
3. Regional councillors are not going to look kindly on any funny kind of money agreement like the RIM park financing. The accountants on staff (not to mention the accountants like Mayor Carl Zehr) are thankfully extremely prudent and conservative (small c)

 Further thoughts on LRT

Electric trains will be a lot quieter along King St. And people forget that roads and increasing lanes not only cut up a city but also increase noise and gridlock. Onlyhaving more roads  would cost the same and the dedicated bus 555 million. But most importantly in these times, this line will create approxitmately 35,000 permanent jobs around the stations.

Two statements that keep coming up.

The trains are going from mall to mall.  First, there is a certain amount of snobbery in people who use the word “mall” as if it was a bad thing. Secondly, the LRT stops at the universities, both downtowns, the RT park, hospital and King/Ottawa. Eventually it will go to Cambridge where, horrors, it may stop at a mall then onto historic Ainslie St.

The trains aren’t flexible like buses, the route can’t be changed.  There will always be transit in the central corridor. There is now with the number 7 buses and Ixpress  and there was in the deep past when I was a girl and took the bus and trolleys ran between Forwells and Rockway Center.  No need for flexibility when the main route will always exist and always be busy. Yup, Ixpress was busy on Monday morning even with the students gone for the summer.

Here is a comment from my cousin John in England about the LRT.

“If you’re going to spend, strikes me that it’s best done on investment for the future. Sounds like this scheme ticks a lot of positive boxes, from enabling economic growth without putting more cars on the road, to creating construction jobs during the project and then a shedload of permanent jobs thereafter, with long term benefits for the area, extending way into the future. This side of the pond we’re concerned that the austerity squeeze won’t leave room for some of this kind of thing to happen. Seems clear that anything not already under way will struggle to get approved.”

 Here’s the link for the #LRT project,


One response to “300 million for Rapid Transit!

  1. Mary Ann Christie

    So glad to see this very positive step for our region is moving ahead. I’m thrilled at the prospect of so many jobs and I trust that you’ll get the kinks worked out as you experiment with rapid transit in Kitchener and Waterloo so that it’s all perfect once it moves into my beloved Cambridge. *lol*

    I just love the photo header of your blog.. my compliments to the photographer.. he does excellent work.

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