King St Waterloo On a Diet.

There has been a lot of misinformation about the narrowing of King St. to two lanes between Central and Erb St.

First of all, no decision has been made and in fact it will not be made until 2011. The report coming to council tomorrow is to pass having another public information centre on Ðec 2 from 4 to 8 at Waterloo City Hall


The LRT is not going through this part of King St. from Central to Erb.  One lane of the LRT will run from Allan to Erb then down Erb to Caroline and the rail spur.

There are actually 5 alternatives for this part of King St.

1. leave the road alone at 4 too small lanes and parking
2.Widen the 4 lanes to a sized that the regular buses can use (this could take out some of the historic buildings!)
3. A 3 lane road with parking lanes on the side. The middle lane for turning.
4. two lane with parking lanes
5. two lane with shared parking bicycle lanes.
Here is the report
However there is space for bike lanes on Regina.
I’m still waiting for Erb and Bridgeport to become two way again and it has been suggested that perhaps the Post office parking lot could become municipal.

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