Really, I do have Opinions!

Well, the election is over, and I am back into obscurity again. The Record articles on city inaugurals and the Rally for Rails quoted Sean and Brenda and several city of Waterloo councillors. At the Regional inaugural, Jeff O interviewed various councillors but not me. (Thanx to the Chronicle for quoting me)

So here is my imaginary interview, so you can know my opinions.

Reporter: You weren’t at the Rally?

Me: That’s right. I was at the Region Volunteer Appreciation.

Reporter: What did you find when you went door to door during the election. I heard you knocked on a lot of doors.

Me: Yes I did knock on a lot of doors.  Some people were very much against the LRT, some people were very much for it. Most people had questions.

Reporter: Will you vote yes or no on LRT?

Me: I am waiting for the staff report. As I said in the election, I want us to look again at BRT and at a reduced cost for LRT capital.  I am still in favour of LRT but because many constituents are concerned about it and there are also many misconceptions, I feel it is only fair to compare the two again.


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