Changing How Police are Deployed.

Heard a presentation by Chief Matt Torigian at Crime Prevention Council. He talked about the deployment of 50 officiers back to the beat. I was concerned because the break and enter unit was disbanded.

It turns out that the officer who first arrives on the scene will do the initial work, such things as questioning the victim, going door to door, looking for clues. The forensic unit will still do fingerprints and other CSI type things.

The officers will also do more crime prevention. The number of officers will now be equal across the region and they will be deployed at times when crime is high, not in the quiet times like 3 in the morning as before.

The Region now has a North, Central and South zone and Rural zones that cover larger areas. Also titles instead of the Division numbers because no one, including me, could remember what Division 1, 2, and 3 actually covered. 

This has all come about due to a new software program, Managing Patrol Performance (MPP), that has been tracking such things as when and where crimes occur and how many times the officers had to go into another zone as back up. Deploying our officers for maximum efficiency and cost savings (No, I don’t think the police are going to come to us with a reduced or stand pat budget. Our numbers in this growing region are still below other forces. You dreamer!)

Also, I found this interesting article on the Net about WRPS using an interesting program that seems to compile and analyse evidence, called Powercase. (The “business blunders” title and the man with egg on his face that may appear at the top of this article is actually an ad — talk about blunders!);col1


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