Keep our Ground Water and Rivers Free of Salt

The other week I had an argument with my husband. He wanted to buy salt for our driveway and sidewalk. He also occasionally “salts” the walk-through near us (Want to promote walking, City of Waterloo? Keep the walk-throughs clear!) Even thugh it is cheap, I insisted that we get the non-salt variety. I have to walk the talk! So here is some info from the Region of Waterloo on how to be safe with salt in the winter.

Take the low-salt challenge

Winter has finally arrived. Staying safe during your winter travels is important but using large amounts of salt isn’t the answer. Help to reduce our reliance on salt. Wear proper outdoor footwear and drive for the conditions.  When clearing your driveway and sidewalks remember to shovel first and only use small amounts of salt at the proper temperature.

Organizations can help by becoming Smart About Salt™ certified.  The Smart About Salt program promotes best management practices on salt use while maintaining public safety through training and certification.

Salt damages our clothes, cars and the environment. When snow melts, excessive salt can be absorbed in to the ground – and into our drinking water.

Be smart about salt™!

  • Wear proper outdoor footwear and make use of snow tires (Yak Traks for the bottom of your boots are fantastic. You can get them at the St. Jacob’s Outlet Mall — Jane)
  • Shovel snow as soon as possible after a snowfall
  • Use salt sparingly and only at the proper temperature
  • Redirect downspouts away from walkways and driveways
  • Use a certified Smart about Salt Contractor

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3 responses to “Keep our Ground Water and Rivers Free of Salt

  1. I find that York Nursery who look after snow removal for our condo property use too much salt. They spread it with a truck and it goes over the lawn.
    They should shovel first. They are very careless with the salt.
    They should be told to limit the salt.

  2. the low salt challenge??? Tell the City of Kitchener to take the low salt challenge on the Iron Horse Trail, where the city workers drive up and down the trail, dousing it with loads of salt!!!
    Does the city not know that there is a creek nearby?? and dogs that travel that trail, Before you expect citizens to take the “challenge” I suggest the city practice what it preaches first!!

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