Voted for DBFOM

I voted for DBFOM. The important point for me is that the Operations part is coming back to council with a plan for 10 year terms with renewal up to 30 years. I will not support 30 years for operations.

Also important is that the Region will own the LRT, set the fares and collect the revenue. There are a lot of safeguards built in.

We already have garbage run by Waste Management and I believe it runs very well. Customer service is as good as GRT customer service. We have also increased garbage routes and also added such services as the green bin with little or no problems from the private company side. Waste Management does not have a 30 year term though!

We will hold back approximately 125 million and dole it out based on performance. This is similiar to when you have work done on your house and money is held back at the end until all work is shown to be good.

Once again, this was a hard decision, but I believe it is the right one.

P.S. The RFP and the contracts will be on the website for the public to look at.

AND there is no secret report. The Deloitte calculations are a propriatory model (e.g. software). If you look at the charts in the report, theĀ placing of the different risks are pretty much common sense. We get risk all the time with road projects. For instance, Townline Road reconstruction ended up hitting a peat bog making it a much more expensive and longer project. That is an example of the type of risk.


One response to “Voted for DBFOM

  1. Thanks for doing the research and asking questions before your decision.

    As for Deloitte, the proprietary model is exactly the problem. What IS the model being used? Perhaps more importantly, what exactly are the inputs fed into the model, i.e. what assumptions are being made about our future system? And are there even any inputs for which the model /wouldn’t/ recommend outsourcing everything? I bet there’s a lot of privatization bias built into that proprietary model, but I can’t really verify, can I.

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