Building Boom Around Potential LRT Stations: An Alternative News Story

Over the last few days, huge machines demolished the old Go Kart/ Laurel Springs building at the intersection of Northfield and the railway tracks in North Waterloo. Next comes the building of Northfield Station, a commercial building right beside the proposed LRT station on Northfield. Today, CTV trumpeted a new development at the NCR building that has lain vacant for the last few years. Mayor Halloran stated, “They came to us.” Waterloo Commons will contain commercial, restaurants, high-end development and perhaps a hotel.

This is not the only potential station area that boasts the beginnings of new development. Uptown Waterloo has 5 new condo buildings going up around the proposed Allen St. station and a stone’s throw from the Uptown stations.

In Kitchener, a new development was just announced on King St. East by the proposed LRT station. Also in the same area, a group of young entrepreneurs are reviving the area around Madison. Not to mention the Breithaupt Block and the Tannery near Victoria St. and the proposed transit hub.

Looks like the proposed LRT stations are already spurring intensification.


One response to “Building Boom Around Potential LRT Stations: An Alternative News Story

  1. Hi Jane,
    I like the new blog! Thanks for the info. But a quibble…

    The development around the Allen St station was all in the works before there was any discussion of an Allen St station. Uptown Waterloo has been booming for some time. Uptown Waterloo did not need any boost to intensification – it was already happening.

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