Pictures of the LRT in Strasbourg by Guest Blogger Kevin Thomason

Kevin’s observations can be read in the previous blog.

Bicycles are encouraged on the LRT and plentiful bike racks throughout the city
make it extremely easy to get around.


LRT’s, pedestrians, bicycles and cars mingle together in the core quite successfully.  Notice the clearly labelled public washrooms on the left.


The broad mix of transportation choices that have been so integral to Strasbourg’s success are shown here – the two lane paved bike road on the left, the LRTs in the centre, the road on the right and the sidewalk for pedestrians on the far right with lots of greenery between them all.


Some LRT medians are so green and tree-lined it is like creating a park the length of the city!  If they can do this in compact, space-challenged Europe amongst 600 year old buildings surely we can do this in vast, spacious Canada.


Another example in a Western suburb of a road on the left, a paved two lane cycling path, and then the LRT lines running on a natural grass surface.


The dedicated bike lanes and trails are well marked, segregated and signed too –
lit here even at night.


A sleek, modern ground level LRT in the central station in Strasbourg, France


One of the dozens of streets closed to cars and instead enjoyed by pedestrians, bicycles and cafes.  In the foreground this gate/post system still allows delivery and other vehicles in as needed.


An LRT coming into a suburban station.  Note the use of grass right up to the station and the people waiting for the train with bicycles, buggies, etc.


The LRT’s are still busy at night too.  The huge windows and flat floor on these models of LRT trains are wonderful.  Each train can hold up to 300 riders and is far more efficient than buses.


This parking lot has been moved underground and the area turned into a thriving square, plaza and fountain area in the core of the city.


Clear signage makes the system easy for everyone to use.



An electronic payment system makes it convenient and affordable.  A ride anywhere in the city costs about $1.80 Cdn, an all day unlimited pass costs about $5.00 Canadian.


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