Pictures of the LRT in Athens, The Good, Bad and Ugly

Pictures and comments by guest blogger, Kevin Thomason.

Athens LRT

An Athens LRT running on a grass section in a residential part of Ath


A typical Athens LRT train and station.

A typical Athens LRT train and station.

Inside Athens LRT

The interior of the Athens LRT. Note the dual video monitors along the roof of the train – great screens of information for next stations, route information, community messages, etc. Please note that most European LRT trains are narrower than ours will be here in North America.


The three lines of the Athens LRT (Blue, Green and Red).

Athens route

The view of an upcoming station area from the front of an LRT. Note the grass on the tracks and the trees on the platform.


A blurry photo from the rough ride but the green swath of the tracks on grass across the city certainly stands out and is far nicer than a sea of concrete would be.


dry grass LRT

Green station area. Grass is dry but the flowers are lovely

LRT station

An LRT station in the suburbs. Note the machines for validating your ticket. In this area the tracks run on a gravel base.

Industrial area

Note the stark difference in landscape between the gravel base here in and industrial part of Athens and the grass sections in the other photos.

Flowers and LRT

In some places there is so much greenery, trees, grass and shrubs they can almost get in the way such as this bougainvillea.


stop button

The red “Stop Request” button that one must push to get the driver to stop the train at the next LRT station.

LRT tickets

A ticketing machine available in several languages.


The information boards at each station that show the station area, the entire network, timetables, announcements, etc.

LRT problems

One can see the scratches, dents, dings and abuse the trains have taken in just a few years. Decals are peeling and the system is in very poor repair.


While scratched up the panels appear to be tough thankfully.

Disrepair LRT

A peeling LRT waiting at the downtown Sygmenta Square.


A final photo of one of the suburban stations with grass, trees, shade and people awaiting the LRT.



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