LRT in Vienna, Photos by guest blogger Kevin Thomason.

Did you know that Vienna Austria has been rated in the top three of several surveys of the most liveable city in the world?

The Siemens LRT Trains used in Vienna

The Siemens LRT Trains used in Vienna


Vienna LRT

Like in so many other cities, Vienna’s LRT’s will often have grass along the track lines – here the LRT’s pass seamlessly through this grassy, garden median.

vienna button

The bright orange button with green light up LED’s that transit users must press to open and close the doors on demand – helping to keep the climate in the train comfortable – cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

vienna signs

Station signage that clearly identifies the next train, destination and how many minutes until its arrival.

vienna maps

City maps are posted at each station and throughout the LRT trains showing all 32 lines and the hundreds of LRT stations throughout Vienna


The orange ticket machines on each LRT train to buy your tickets easily and efficiently while you are enroute to your destination. Notice also the great rolling carts most people have for shopping and easily using the transit system.

vienna LRT

The machine to stamp and validate your ticket if you already have a ticket or pass.

vienna LRT

A brilliant stroller strap can help to secure a stroller while the train is in motion.

vienna LRT

Not only do they provide upholstered comfortable seats but even magazines and other reading material promoting the community and events around town.

vienna LRT

Flush, level tracks make it easy for cars, bicycles and LRT’s to all share the road despite the LRT having a dedicated right of way. It also helps to facilitate snow removal in the winter.

vienna LRT

Shady, tree-lined streets encourage pedestrians along with dedicated lanes for cycling and then LRT and traffic lanes to the right.

vienna cyclists

Cycling trails are clearly marked, giving bikes equal priority as cars and other traffic. Austria is a country with four seasons and a climate very similar to ours.

vienna square

Streets closed to traffic near LRT lines to create great pedestrian and shopping areas.

vienna LRT

Tree’s, sidewalks, traffic lanes and flush LRT tracks all combined together into a pleasant streetscape.

vienna LRT

Tracks that are flush with the street though clearly delineated allowing easy emergency vehicle access and snowplowing but with heavy fines for any motorist or cyclist caught in this area.



vienna station

LRT Trains can be joined together in extra long trains to provide impressive capacity and the ability to move huge numbers of people quickly and easily. Notice only the doors required are open at this station.

vienna door

Extra wide LRT doors and low curb level floors make it extremely easy to get on and off – even with your bicycle or roller cart for shopping.

vienna LRT

A typical station area – cycling lanes, shelters, low floor LRT platforms and then traffic lanes on the far right. Again note the orange button strips to open the doors only as needed


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