Good News for Regional Transportation

  •  Grand River Transit annual ridership has already achieved the RTMP forecast for 2016, four years ahead of schedule, and is now 22 million;
  • Current ridership on iXpress and Route 7 between Conestoga Mall and Fairview Park Mall is 20,000 rides per day, which is approaching the 2017 target ridership of 25,000 on the ION light rail;
  •  Since 2006, cycling lanes have nearly doubled to almost 300 km;
  •  Since 2004, almost $250 million has been invested in expansion of the Regional road network;
  • Since 2009, the Province has invested about $150 million in Regional highways;
  • The Transportation Management Association has been promoted to more than 8% of the Region-wide workforce, and in one year 5% of TMA-participating employees surveyed have shifted from driving alone to more sustainable modes of travel;
  •  All Grand River Transit buses are now fully accessible; and
  • The EasyGo electronic traveller information system has increased to over 5 million uses annually, compared to less than 1 million in 2008.

Here’s where you can find the full report under the planning and works agenda for January 28:




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