Ice Storm Brush Pick Up This Spring

1.       Residents can put out bundled branches with a diameter of 3” and a length of 3’ for yard waste pick up.  The reasons for the length and diameter restrictions are related to the equipment used to pick up the yard waste (contractor uses a regular garbage truck and yard waste is compacted in the truck. Larger branches simply can’t be compacted).  Unofficially the contractor is going to make best efforts to pick up branches that aren’t bundled but generally meet the size requirements.  This wouldn’t apply to a random large pile of brush that has been placed at the curb.
2.       Tipping fees for loads that contain only brush/branches and other tree debris from the December ice storm will be waived from Saturday, April 5 through Saturday, May 3.   The following link has the details concerning the Region’s response to the ice storm related brush cleanup.
3.       The Local municipalities are also taking action to pick up both brush from municipally owned trees on the local roads and privately owned trees on residents properties.
a.       City of Kitchener is picking up most of the debris on City streets/blvds that still remains and will grind/chip accordingly and are asking if the Region would take the woodchip created at no cost;
b.      Waterloo has not committed to an official plan as of last Friday; the expectation is that the majority of the clean up would be through the Region’s Yard Waste program and waived tip fees but they anticipate some level of curbside collection will still be necessary;
c.       Cambridge is planning to collect any brush, that has not been picked up through the Region’s yard waste program, between Apr. 7th and 17th and would like the Region to consider waiving tip fees.
d.      Townships – varying degrees of public drop-off and collection in settlement areas (also looking for waived/reduced tip fees) ‎.
4.       Cities are planning their own individual public communications programs for their programs.
5.       Region staff are following up with local municipalities on the requests to waive or reduce tipping fees.  Also whether this is recoverable from ice storm relief funding.
Thanks to Regional Staff for this update.

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