Smells, Peels, Poop and Pop Cans, Part 2 about Waste Management, My Second Priority


My pledge: I will continue to listen to your concerns and work on ways to make your green bin better to use. I will find ways to make the green bin a better bet for your tax dollar.

“If the people of Waterloo had to rotate living throughout Waterloo, they would all use their green bins,” the lady at the door in Westvale said.

That recent smell from the landfill is from disturbed organics. The very organics that can go in your green bin. They also create the methane that needs to be burned off or used as fuel by Toromont, a company at the landfill.

compost container.

Councillor Jean Haalboom’s lovely compost container

If people use their green bins, the old leftovers, peelings and even dog poo and cat litter, will be sent to the Guelph composting plant to be turned into soil. Like the aged manure you can buy at the garden store to fertilize your plants, this soil will never smell again and it’s great for farmland and gardens. It’s not just a case of helping the landfill last longer, though that is good, you will also be helping your neighbour’s quality of life.

My family has reduced the “yuk” factor by using the new biodegradable plastic bags. They can be bought at Basics or Canadian Tire and other stores. They must have a certain symbol on them. On twitter and in discussion with constituents, ideas have ranged from freezing peelings until collection day to putting egg cartons on the bottom of the pail to prevent bags from sticking. Here is a fantastic page from the Region of Waterloo website that gives tons of information about using your green bin.


There has been some criticism in the paper about the cost of the green bin contact. You should know that the green bin pilot was a great success. People were phoning up the region wondering when they would get their green bin. Then came the roll out and a lack of response. The current contract was the lowest cost option but only if people use their bin.

Next term, council must decide whether to have green bin and recycling every week with regular garbage every other week or bag tags or other ideas to increase use.

People have also suggested less pick up stops with several houses putting their garbage in one spot to save money. Lots to think about.

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