Smells, Peels, Poop and Pop Cans, Part 4 of Waste Management, My Second Priority for the next term of Regional Council

Pop Cans.

My Pledge: I will continue to monitor the costs of recyclables and work towards better solutions for waste management.

This post will be a little shorter. Perhaps I should make Waste Management my number one priority for the next term. So much to do in this file.

Recycling is a big success in Waterloo Region. People are great at putting out their pop cans, water bottles, newspaper, paper, tin cans, and brush for recycling. It is helping the landfill last longer and we reuse metals and paper.

The problem with recycling is the cyclical nature of remuneration for recyclables. Glass is no longer sent out to be recycled as the Region would have to pay to have it taken away. The market has tanked. However, please keep putting glass in your blue box,  the province requires it to be collected. The glass is crushed and used on roads in the landfill site. It isn’t put into the landfill.

The end of the recession means the market for recyclables is now improving again.

In case you might think that the Region never asks the public to engage or make suggestions, here is the results of a survey of residents about recycling.

Public Comments about Recycling

General information about recycling

Waste Management Part 1

Waste Management Part 2

Waste Management Part 3


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