Day 0: Wick Airport to Seaview Hotel.

My daughter is riding down Britain from top to bottom. She is asking people to donate to Haven House as part of her ride. Click on the bottom of the donation and say, “In Honour of Gwyneth’s Ride.”



Surly is getting on the plane.


The plane to Wick. Small and kinda smelly.


Presto! A fully assembled and packed bike!
Seriously though. The wick airport staff were awesome.
When my bike came off the plane the baggage handlers handed it directly to me instead of putting it on the conveyor belt.
I’m not gonna lie. Surly got bumped around a bit during all the plane, train and bus rides. But it’s barely even worth mentioning.
I had a pretty good ride on day 0. Even though it started out rough. Maybe too much beer sampling? I guess we’ll never know :p
Once again the Wick airport staff were amazing. They even brought me a coffee and a plate of cookies while I was reassembling.
I think I may have been quite the entertainment!
When I was all packed up I said goodbye and cycled out into the VERY WINDY…

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