The Top Ten Reasons You Should Support the Grand River Conservation Authority

  1. Permits and regulations that stop you from building where it floods or erodes.
  2. Recreation. Trout fishing and canoeing on the Grand River. Camping, picnicking, running a race in the conservation areas.
  3. The GRCA helps mitigate climate change by updating the limits of flooding on flood plain maps.
  4. The Rural Water Quality Program and Sewage Treatment Plant Optimization Program reduce the amount of phosphates and nitrites going into the Grand and its tributaries, preventing algae blooms in Lake Erie.
  5. The osprey nest web cam at Belwood Lake. Return of vanished animals and plants to the river.
  6. The new Water Management Plan that tackles future population growth, continuing intensive agriculture and climate change.
  7. Educating children through the Water Festivals in Haldimand, Brant and Waterloo-Wellington. School visits to our nature centres.
  8. Dams that stop the Grand and its tributaries from flooding and release water when the rivers are low. Turbines that produce renewable hydro-electric power.
  9. The Grand has gone from being a sewer in the 1930s to an award winning Heritage River today that won the Thiess International Riverprize for one of the best managed rivers in the world.
  10. A healthy watershed inheritance for our children and grandchildren, down to the seventh generation.

You can find the osprey web cam, camping site registration, and current river flows, among other things, here:

You can like the GRCA on Facebook here:


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