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Regional Budget passes at 2.6 percent

Well the budget didn’t go to as low a percent as I would have wished, but the Regional budget came in at 1.78 % and the police budget at .88%.  (Approx 38 dollars per YEAR on the tax bill) Remember, the police board not Regional council sets the police budget, we just pay the bill.

Police halved their request and ended up with 10 new officers and 10 new civilians. 5 of those civilians will be prison guards for the courts and stations, and that will free up 5 officers to get back on the street. Not only will the new officers be working on crime prevention as they patrol but the Region is growing and no matter how low crime, we still have a lot and need more officers for growth.

I won some and lost some on the budget.

I wanted some of the 8 million in infrastructure funds that come from the federal government to be used to offset the increase for the system that calls out stops and has a gps for the buses and for solving the bus overcrowding problem on the mainline, number 9 Lakeshore and 12 and Iexpress. That didn’t fly and neither did my suggestion that the one million we took out of roads last year that was put back in (This is extra money that increases the roads budget each year, so it gets higher and higher) be taken out again this year.

On the plus side, I asked the head of finance about the gaping provision where if someone leaves the region and a person is hired for less money, that the budget be adjusted to the new rate instead of staying at the old one (hope that is clear). Jim Wideman  made sure that extra money was taken out for this gap when he and the other committee heads got together with staff to find some more cuts.

There were also rumblings that we should have no improvements but delegations and myself argued for the callouts of stops on the buses as required by the Human Rights tribunal and money to stop the overcrowding on buses. If we want to have a full LRT, we can’t have people stopping using the buses due to overcrowding. Also, all councillors agreed that daycare will be maintained at the present rate and we will see how the new all day jk and sk goes.

Answers to LRT Questions

I’ve been getting some questions and had some of my own so I dropped into the LRT storefront on King St. in Uptown Waterloo (open Wed and Fridays, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm) for some answers.
1 What are the times for rapid rail transit to get anywhere?
Conestoga Mall to Ainslie St. 76 to 78 minutes. Same as Iexpress BUT that is a consistant time as there will not be the 401 and Hwy 8 traffic delays. There are now 21 stops for the LRT so that adds a few minutes.
Time by car: 20 to to 90 minutes depending on traffic. Average for me going to GRCA, 45 minutes.
Conestoga Mall to Fairway Mall: 40 to 43 minutes.
Car: 20 minutes if no delays, see above. The same time if you go by Weber or King.
Charles Terminal to Fairview: 20 to 25 minutes.
Car: same if take the same route, actually the same if take the expressway as you have to go through downtown traffic to get to the expressway.