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Travel to FCM — I Hate Greyhound

So I am going to FCM in Toronto and this time I can take the bus round trip for $42.00. If the stress doesn’t kill me. Booked my ticket on-line, non refundable. After several false starts, got the ticket and found it was from Sportsworld instead of Charles St terminal. Phoned 800 number, they were no help at all. No refund and no way to buy a Greyhound ticket from Charles St. to Sportsworld. You may remember the hoo ha when Greyhound stopped allowing the Region through the GRT ticket office to sell their tickets. They were going to drop Charles St. terminal all together as a stop but we managed to negiotiate that they would sell tickets on the platform. 

Why O Why did they move their stop to Sportsworld!!!  So stuck with the ticket. The good news, used EasyGo and a GRT route goes from Charles St. to Fairview then I get the 52 and it takes about a half hour. Just I have to leave the GRAAC meeting after an hour. So annoying.

Still a shorter time than the GO to get to Toronto.