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Long Gun Registry

This Wednesday September 15 is the National Day in Support of the Long Gun Registry.

As a member of the Crime Prevention Council, I supported our motion in favour of the Gun Registry. I am bringing forward a motion to Regional Council on Wednesday to support the police and our Crime Prevention Council.

The police are a pretty conservative, law and order, bunch. If they support the gun registry, there has to be some pretty compelling reasons, and there are if you follow the links below to Chief Torrigian’s op ed and the Police website about the registry. 

Nurses support the registry. Emergency doctors support the registry.

 I’m going to take another tact, as the nuts and bolts reasons are clearly laid out in the links.

There are a lot of registries around that are used by governments and even various organizations to keep up standards. Restaurants need licenses, even hot dog stands do and Public Health has a list or registry of all the food establishments in the Region and inspectors check them for health violations. Even my dog is on a registry with the city. He has a dog license and they keep a list that includes dog gender, number of dogs in a home, whether spayed or neutered and if his rabies shot is up to date.

But the best analogy I think for having a gun registry is cars. Cars can be dangerous, they need skill to drive,yet no one is fussing that we shouldn’t register our cars and renew our driving license. On my ride-along with the police,the constable accessed that list on his computer when we stopped a car with a burned out bulb. Turned out the registered driver was a known felon and dangerous. Good info for the constable going up to his car window.

Why should guns be any different? They can be dangerous and they need skill to use. Our police need this tool.

Chief Matt Torigian  had a good op ed in the Record. http://www.therecord.com/article/772801

Here is a press release from the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council from Exchange Magazine http://www.exchangemagazine.com/morningpost/2010/week37/Tuesday/091410.htm and the Council’s position, http://www.preventingcrime.ca/documents/POSITION-LongGunRegistry.pdf

About a year or two ago, I did have some concerns about the cost of the registry but that has been cleaned up. I was very impressed by the following ten reasons to support the Registry by the police. Top ten myths http://www.truthsandmyths.ca/top-10-myths.html