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The Pear Tree: New Sculpture for Social Services

The Pear Tree

Mary Catherine Newcombe. Built by The Two Smiths

Celebrated the installation of the new sculpture at 99 Regina St. It celebrates the functions of the Social Services Building.  The winding vines not only reflect the living vines in the atrium but also the winding on the symbol of medicine for public health. The pear represents a lot of things, food security, local food, Ontario Works. The nest for family and child care. The artist says that each of the eggs represents the future of a wish.

The sculpture is made of aluminum, copper and brass.  The artist is local and the cost was $65,000, under budget. It was a lot harder to make than it looks.

Doug Gilmour had a great time lapse video made of the piece being put up.He has promised it will eventually be on the net and I can link to it.

We had a pear cake in the shape of a copper pear to celebrate.