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Round the Roundabout at Erb and Ira Needles

Went to take pictures at the Erb and Ira Needles roundabout this morning, checking out the complaints of heavy traffic flow. Woah! It ended up being a pedestrian was a tricky problem.  Made sure to make eye contact as I crossed the crosswalks. The people coming into the roundabout were just fine, stopping for me. But the people already in the roundabout. Nope. No stopping. I ended up pointing to the tiny sign (note to staff on that one) saying yield before someone stopped.

Roundabout Rush

The roundabout itself is very busy at rush hour, but cars didn’t have to wait very long, certainly not as long as traffic light. Staff told me that the busier the roundabout, actually the better as cars slow down and drivers pay attention. Seemed to be so. there were also times when very few cars were entering the roundabout and times when it was packed. Might be a function of traffic lights in other areas.

I also had a question from a constituent about why the new stores are right at the road rather than a parking lot separating the road from the building, as in the Canadian Tire plaza across the road. This is the new urbanization. If you are on foot, there is a sidewalk in front of the buildings and you can easily enter the stores. This morning there were two or three pedestrians crossing the roundabout. The constituent was concerned cars could crash into the stores,but there is a small lawn in front of each. It looks good to me and as a sometime pedestrian, it will be great not to negotiate the parking lot desert full of potentially moving cars.

People are concerned about the increase of traffic at the new mall at the boundary of Kitchener and Waterloo on Ira Needles.  It is important to note that there will be buses to this mall and two roundabouts to help with traffic. The widening of Ira Needles Blvd from Highview to Erb is planned for 2019. There are no plans to do anything to Thorndale, as far as staff knows.  People have expressed concern about a new big box heaven in this area when we are trying to intensify. However the people who live in the area are very excited to have shopping. Should note that this is at the very edge of the countryside line. A monument to the end of sprawl?

 The new mall will have pedestrian amenities and “prettier” parking lots within the mall area. There will be stores facing the roadway once again. There are concerns about smells from the landfill and seagulls at the restaurant patios. Staff works very hard to stop most landfill smells with pipes underground, some of which lead to a bio-gas energy facility. Seagulls? Just don’t feed them!

Built close to road

Stores built close to the road