Roundabout Dance II

Here it is. Love how the guys cross the roundabout at the end

2 responses to “Roundabout Dance II

  1. It worked in that you remembered not to walk across without looking, as people often do at a light. I was rear ended a year or two ago at a light when I had to stop my car for an ambulance going through the intersection. Still nervous stopping at lights.

    But yes, while people are getting better at going around the roundabouts, there is still a steep learning curve going on! And Blair is one of the better roundabouts.

  2. I hope these ads work. I crossed my first roundabout as a pedestrian last month and thought my life was soon to be over. I was crossing to go on the Blair Trail at Fountain St and Blair Rd. The first three cars didn’t stop,the fourth one did and the fifth one narrowly missed rear-ending the car stopped for me. Very scary! I crossed back far from the roundabout and walked on the shoulder of the road back to my car.

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