Was at CFUW last night where a professor from U of W spoke about poverty and Crown Wards. She spoke about poor people and damaged children. She also talked about her life of privilege and the women she worked with and their lives of poverty and disaster and how she could walk away from it and they couldn’t.

She was a wonderful person,one of our people doing great work in the community and a foster Mom, but her talk made me uncomfortable. Not because I have a good life and others don’t, no that wasn’t it.  I think it was once again the problem with stereotypes of poverty.  I felt this prof wondered why more children weren’t taken from their parents and why CAS lets them stay with relatives.

But it’s way more complicated than that. I know people who despite mental illness and poverty and neglect in their poor family, still love their parents and want a connection with them. And they should have it.

I kept thinking of this song and to show you anything can be found on youtube,here it is.

Dead End Street by the Kinks

I guess it’s also because I know people (some of my best friends are . . .) who are poor, some in my own family, and single mothers and people with family members with mental illness. None of them have children with “failure to thrive” In fact their children are growing up or have grown up successfully.

Yes others I know have families in a mess (poverty not necessarily in the picture either, though messy lives can lead to poverty) but I have lived long enough and seen enough to see that what is true today, isn’t necessarily true tomorrow and may not have been true in the past.

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