Also My Views on Why Increasing Regional Council Size Failed.

OK, so I also talked in my speech about how the cities are increasing their council size but despite my trying, Regional Council didn’t. When councils increase in size, there is an oppportunity for change and new and different voices. Better representation for the citizens.

I failed to increase Regional Council because due to a quirk of the municipal act, we had to get permission of the cities and the rural didn’t want to lose power to the urban. The four township councils would vote against increasing regional council. And several councillors from the cities were ready to make hay with the region increasing their size. It was also, as I said at the time, when the big crash happened and not a good time to spend money. The conservative white men who call into the Jeff Allen show seemed to hate it, the idea of more politicians. 

The cities seemed to get little flack when they increased their size.


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