Children’s Groundwater Festival, Development Fees, LRT (yet again)

Went to the Children’s groundwater festival today at Doon Heritage Crossroads. Was there as a Regional Councillor and as first vice-chair of GRCA. There are now 14 groundwater festivals in Ontario. The school kids love it. All hands on learning about water. Saw the watercup challenge with local media and grade 5 students from Sandhills school. In the “Are you smarter than a 5th grader” format. Uhh, Mike Farwell isn’t when it comes to questions about water.  LOL He has time to bone up though as he is the honourary chair of the festival.


The musueum’s walls are up. It seems a lot closer to Homer Watson than in the drawings. Here’s more info:

After the watercup contest, council members of the committee looking into the Development Fee by-law said they have done some tweaks. It is proposed to raise development fees to cover the cost of the infrastructure needed for growth. But we’ve hit the recession and no one’s buying homes or building new factories. So tweaking is in order. (Sorry, can’t tell you the inside scoop)

Went to the LRT public meeting in Waterloo tonight.  The place was buzzing. Most people for the Light Rail, discussion around the form of the route in Waterloo. One woman concerned about the train going through Waterloo Park, one man wanted Bus Rapid Transit and one man said it was too expensive.  Good discussions.


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