Habitat for Humanity Build on Cherry St

I participated in my first Habitat for Humanity Build yesterday. The Region has waved the development fees on the townhouses. 19 townhouses in an infill area, each one owned by a Habitat recipient.  Makes a community, instead of one house on a street.

Did you know that people actually object to Habitat homes being built on their street!!! Oh those scary poor people.

It was the women’s build. I learned drywalling, at least putting small pieces at the top of a wall to help create a fire barrier between two units. I was proud of myself as I went up to the third rung of the step ladder and turned round and worked on my drywall. I cut out the pieces, fit them in with trimming with a rasp and held them in place with a nail. Many thanks to Teacher Erin from the Peel Board who was very positive about my work

I didn’t suck, but I was very slow up and down that scary ladder! Good job I didn’t go on the politicians day, that would have just been embarrassing. Still even a small pushing of the fat lady barriers makes for a great feeling.

And it’s nice to know that hardworking families are being helped to get a leg up.


2 responses to “Habitat for Humanity Build on Cherry St

  1. You did some good work. And for some added perspective on your efforts, check out this brief video — ahamoment.com/pg/moments/view/4895 — which details the story of a family who moved into a Habitat house and their “aha moment” experienced at its dedication. I think you’ll enjoy it.


  2. I’m surprised to hear that people actually object to Habitat homes being built on their streets, but I guess that people will object to anything!

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