Despite the Failure at Copenhagen, there is hope for the Environment

Went to the Sustainable Waterloo breakfast last week and heard three people who went to Copenhagen. It sounded like a real mess, thousands of people and delegates. Canada wining the Fossil Fool award each day. But a prof from UWO who was a rep for the European Union said not to be depressed. Europe, Asia and many of the developing countries are working on reducing their emissions. They are well ahead in the green economy.

The bad news is that Canada and the U.S. with their reliance on oil and gas may end up falling behind as the new green economy roars ahead in other countries. Harper should stop thinking about the tar sands and look to R and D in the green economy.

However, Ontario is seen as doing well and to my surprise, the speakers liked the Samsung green energy deal. As a big player can get things going on the world stage, they said.

Also, a more hopeful meeting in Davos Switzerland.


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